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100LPI 0.35MM PET lenticular sheet

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Product Abstract:

100 lpi 0.35mm thickness 3d lenticular lens,lenticular lens,lenticular lens sheet,line lenticular ,plastic lenticular,lens,lenticualr sheet,pet 3d lens,pp 3d lens

Product Description

100 lpi lens,lenticular lens,lenticular lens sheet,line lenticular ,lenticular,lens,lenticualr sheet,pet 3d lens,pp 3d lens

100lpi 0.35mm PET lenticular sheet

Developed for thinner gauge applications, the 100 LPI lenticular sheet lends itself well to projects such as packaging, direct mail programmes, and laminated products.

Lens design 100lpi
Material A-PET
Viewing angle 1) 48 degrees for 350micron  2) 31degrees for 580micron
Viewing distance 0.15-1.0m
Pitch checker range 100.15-100.45 depend upon output device
Gauge 350 micron  
Stock size 710x510mm or 510x710mm lenticular lens parallel to 510 or 710 dimension
Quantity 2000 sheets per pallet  
Gross size 1) 765x565x880mm  2)765x565x885mm
Custom sheets Customized size is based on big order, please contact us.
Embossed lenticular Parallel to machine direction
Surface Top (gloss) Bottom (lenticular lens)
Approxiate leading time 30, 000 sheets(standard size) per day
Size availability Length from 450mm to 1600mm, width from 510mm to 1020mm
Sheet tolerance Length± 1mm* Width± 1mm 
Sheet squareness 0.0± 0.05°
Gauge tolerance 0.0± 0.01mm
Standard stock pallet Four-way entry
Surface tension that of natural resin 38 DYNES min. No coating needed.
Regulations SGS
Resin WP-56151
Manufacutring ISO9001-2008 certificated

About our lenticular lens sheet:
Lenticular lens, normal LPI are 40LPI, 50LPI, 60LPI, 70LPI, 75LPI, 90LPI, 100LPI, 161LPI, 200LPI, normal standard size are 51cm*71cm and 60cm*80cm, our company has all this productionDetail introduction:
Cylinder lenticular sheet has two direction: horizontal and vertical, Generally, we use "how many line length" to identify the size of the lenticular sheet.

According to the thickness and conventional usage of lenticular sheet, we can divide it into three kinds:

Lenticular plate(lenticular board), normal LPI are 10LPI, 12LPI, 18LPI, 25LPI, 32LPI, 42LPI, 53LPI, normal standard size is 120cm*240cm

Roll lenticular, normally in roll shape package, because it needs people to adjust focal point, it’s diffcult for common people to use.

Lenticular plate(lenticular board)has been on sales in the market,lenticular plate,good quality, large size, high transparency, strong 3d effect, image effect is trenchancy, clear,no visual dazzling,this lenticular plate has been widely used in wedding photography gallery, advertising, decorative picture and so on. Sincerely willing to cooperate with friends from all sectors of society, create beautiful tomorrow! The above products have all the stock supply, if in large quantities, need cutting according to requirements.www.lenticular.mobi , can manufacture different specification according to clients’ requirement, welcome to call and write email to discuss.

Usually, the thinner lenticular sheet doesn’t suitble to print 3d photos by injekt printer, our company has developed some special kinds LPI sheet, they can be used to print large size 3d photo by injekt printer, they have low cost, less weight, safe environmental protection, can be used in supermarket, bus station, subway, superstore and crowded area. Welcome to talk over with us.



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