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3D lenticular notebook

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Product Abstract:

3d printing school notebook cover 3D spiral lenticular notebook,3d plastic cover notebook, 3d spiral notebook, 3d animals notebook

Product Description


High quality 3d lenticular notebook :

3d notebook, 3d spiral notebook, 3d cover notebook, 3d lenticular notebook, hard cover notebook, diary notebook, fancy notebook, 3d plastic cover notebook:


3d lenticular notebook cover

3d notebook printing

3D notebook description:


1) Material:PP/PET/PVC

2) Cover can be deep in look,3D, flip, morph, animation,zoom  effect

3) Size can be customized. Popular size: A3, A4, A5, A6.

4)  Inner sheet can be customized, Usually: 35pages, 50pages, 60pages

5) Thickness: 0.45mm, 0.6mm

6) can make spiral binding or normal binding.

7) can print your logo and design.

8) Attractive design at low price with good quality, all designs are available.

9) Packing: each of polybag


Our lenticular printing products:
1) Lenticular cards:lenticular playing cards, postcards, collection cards,conversion cards, Notebook or magazine covers,CD or jewelry box covers,watch surface. greeting cards, hanger cards,VIP cards, calendar cards, magazine inserts, business or name cards.
2) Lenticular stationery:lenticular bookmarks, rulers, mouse pads, stickers and lables
3) Lenticular toys and gifts: cup mat/coaster,palemat, stickers, memo pads, advertising or promotional gifts and premiums, various kinds of novelties.
4) Lenticular advertising products:lenticular posters, billboards.
5) Lenticular decorated artwork,3d lenticular murals, house-decorative,picture and photo frame



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