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3D packing box

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Product Abstract:

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Product Description


3d lenticular packing box


1, profassional printing  3d lenticular packing boxes  as per clients requirment.have big factory and can promised the fasten delivery.

2).Size standard: A4,A5,customized

3).Thickness: 0.2mm to 4mm

4).Material: PET/PP/PPS and others

5).effect : Depth 3d,animation,zoom,flip etc

6).We can produce as our customer's requirement (size and design)

7) Accepted 3d picture design and RGB design and printing



3d lenticular packing boxes  


can be Customized




according customer's requirment




as per clients  requested, customize 

Sample Time:



1.We are manufactory of special suitable for Indian God

2. Professional design and production according to customer's requirment.

3. The MOQ is 500 pcs, we can produce the products according your requirement and your own design is acceptable.     

4. this picture is belong to Islam,3d printing, lenticular picture,painting,3d oil painting,3d lenticular decorative painting/landscape/mural/wallpaper or floor tiling

5.Any flat picture we can converned into 3D effects.it looks have much stronger realistic


Ok3d Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd Founded in 1992, we are specializing in the 3d software development with 3d photo design and injekt printing,3d lenticular offset printing or 3d lenticular lens sheet. OK3D have opened up Chinese market for nineteen years.
We have rich experience in 3d printing over 15 years,so we can promise you the best quality and favourable price.

Companies to promote "good faith cooperation, communication intentions, professional services, the pursuit of excellence" concept of culture



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