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Lenticular Mobi PSDTO3D Advanced version 3d lenticular software

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Product Abstract:

Compared with professional version "PSDTO3Dadvanced version", It runs faster, easier operation, higher precision,save more time. PSDTO3D advanced version 3d software,lenticular software,lenticular image software,make 3d picture software,lenticular printing software,lenticular effects,3D products.lenticular products,lenticular printing,lenticular software

Product Description

Lenticular Mobi Software Advanced version 3d lenticular software

3d lenticular design software (YW3D Advanced version 3d lenticular software ) Power by Lenticular Mobi

Used to create lenticular prints with realistic 3D and motion effects, such as flip, morphing, animation and zoom.

Printers, advertising studios, photo studios, photographers might find it a useful and cost effective solution that will extend their business in a new dimension, increase quality and productivity of making 3D images and lenticular products.

|FOR:LENTICULAR EFFECTS DESIGN (Latest  professional version, Price 2299USD)

Do you feel laborious for designed in photoshop software?

The 3D design software of Shenzhen OK3D Inc. Developed can resolve your all trouble. The 3D design software can open PSD file, and can convert 2D photos to 3D, and can make 3D photos, flip, animation, morph and zoom etc. graphic effects, it can make all effects of you want. The charm of 3D design software are timesaving, excellent and making some lifelike lenticular photos. Our 3D lenticular software can be opened RGB file and CMYK file, it can support Windows, XP and Visa.

Psdto3d  advanced version 3d design software  (Registered No.2009SR039988,Author :Hongmin Guo) ,latest version,support all Windows computer system.

It belongs to lenticular image(lenticular design,printing software CMYK3D )software series,

It can design any lenticular effects:depth 3d effect,flip effect,zoom effect,morph effect,animation effect

It not only supports PSD layer translation and drawline as well as the free mix of 3D and flip ,but also has

Please click Lenticular Software Topics,maybe you can get inf. clearly.

The fuction as follows:

1,Support editing drawline, the line can move, zoom, up, down, cut, pastup and the point can be moved,

. lenticular software new fuction
2,Support large picture, output file can reach 40GB, the lens a few up to 999.
3,Support CMYK four color,there is no loss when you are printing or outputing.
4,Support 3D puzzles,midline can be aligned automatically,it supports loop pattern.
5,Parameters optimized,the operation is more intelligent.Output gif animation and anaglyph, it is convenient for clients to see the effect.
6,Support PSD Output,it is easy to make mould.

psdto3d downloadLenticular softwareTrial Download

Advantage: Save 90% manpower, and the quality is 2 times higher.

If you can't download it, Please EMAIL  US.

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PSDTO3D lenticular image software


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