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3d lenticular laptop skin sticker

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Product Abstract:

14"6 fashion customzied flower pink 3D laptop skin sticker for many brans,like ipad,Hp,Acer ,Asus and others ,it Suitable for various kinds fancy, public taste.make your laptop become more Personality and unique

Product Description

This Slim design lenticular skin spotlight yout laptop as a focus.Freedom design personalized pattern for your own style.
It is a great way to effectively deliver advertising messages and make a awesome and eye-catching  impact.

And with backing of static sticker,it can be repeated use.The high quality makes every lenticular products a special and durable object.
1, 3d laptop skin sticker is with 3d effect .Made of Imported PET material.
2,with 98% transparency for high clear view,enhance the display effect and protect your eyes.
3,anti-scratch,dustproof, Anti-fingureprinter,anti-oil, Anti-glare,waterproof,reuseable.hardness can reach 4H,protect your screen from scratched.
4,3D fation design.static cling design,easy to stick and remove ,no messy glue, no corrosion. No sticky residue.
5,does not interfere stylus or touch screen opetation.

6,The high quality makes every lenticular products a special and durable object.And with backing of static sticker,it can be repeated use.

Disclaimer    The showing picture is only for your reference of our product. All related to intellectual property rights of trademark belongs to trade mark companies

3D lenticular laptop sticker ,3D laptop sticker skin,3d sticker printing


We support custom design service and specialised in 3d lenticular skin



3d Lentcular static cling sticker 




15 inch' 14 inch' 13 inch' and other custom size


0.2mm, customize




Design any image and add any text or logos anywhere.



Lenticular effect

3D depth, zoom, flip, morph, color change, rotation





Sample leadtime

3 to 5 working days

Lead time

7 to 10 working days

Custom Design Artwork Requirements:

1. File formats:     Tiff,jpg,jpeg,psd (preferably layered),pdf
2. Color:                CMYK,full color printing
3.Resolution:        300 dpi or higher
4.Media:               Email or other online submission

pls contact at under email: ok3d@lenticular.mobi



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