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Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer

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Product Abstract:

Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer-lenticular printing-Lenticular-Lenticular Zhongshan27697

Product Description


Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer

We make all lenticular,and we only make lenticular,we are professional in lenticular.LenticularMobi227172

Lenticular Sheets information like Material/LPI/Thickness/Standard Size/Weight/Packing pallet/MOQ/Viewing Angel/Effects For/Printer/Software/Price/Unit, 

Please check: http://www.lenticular.mobi/lenticular-price.pdf
If any other question,please email to 3d@lenticular.mobi

Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer
25LPI lenticular sheets

25LPI 4mm Thickness Plastic 3d Lenticular Lens Sheet Materials
Viewing Angel:45degree
Packing:Wooden Packing
Printed By:Inkjet/Uv Flatbed Printer
Quality:High quality&Green&Safe
Stability:High stability/Uniform LPI number
Application:best for strong 3d effects large format posters.
Viewing Angel:40degree
Lenticular PVC Printing,
Material:PS plastic

25lpi Plastic Lenticular Lens Sheet, Best For Strong 3d Effects Large Format Posters.25LPI lenticular sheets lenses,3D Effect 3D Lenticular sheets Poster Printing with LED Light Box


PET thin lenticular sheets factory production line

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Lenticular Effects

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Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer

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Cheap 25LPI Lenticular Sheet for lenticular offset printer



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