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LED lightbox

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Product Abstract:

3d advertising, 3 d box Special configuration: ultra-thin light box, LED crystal light boxes, slim and beautiful, convenient for drawing change!

Product Description


Regular size: A4; A3; A2 see light visual scope; Size can be customized  as required
LED crystal light box features:
1, high brightness LED light source, light bright, uniform, soft, promotion advertising effect, can hang a wall installation OR put mesa type;
2, thin, beautiful appearance, thickness of 8 ~ 12 mm, outer frame can be customized, and overall improve brightness, depending on the requirement to add configuration;
3, low energy consumption, 12 v, the LED cold light source, over 83% of energy than traditional light box, save the daily spending more cost.
4, installation and maintenance convenient, quick and easy open frame can greatly reduce the installation and maintenance work.
Main scope: 1, restaurant cuisine display; Wedding photography, family decoration;
2, indoor and outdoor signage, guide sign;
3, exhibition exhibition project or activity;
4, shopping malls, Banks, hotels, hotels, and other metope adornment propaganda;
5, airport, subway, station, bus station and other advertising media;
6, craft gifts, gift;
7, mobile billboards.
Note: the LED crystal light box mature technology for 3d lightbox, high quality flat price, belongs to the main product; Product is stable and reliable; Large amount of discount!



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