Lenticular Lens

We are professional in 3d lenticular lens, we make all lenticular,and we only make lenticular.

Lenticular lens sheet pricelist: http://www.ppoo.com/lenticular-price.pdf

plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet
plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet

plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet

plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet
plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet plastic 3d lenticular lens sheet

lenticular sheet

plastic 3d lenticular lens sheetplastic 3d lenticular lens sheet

lenticular plate-lenticular sheet lenticular lens 3d sheet plastic

Lenticular lens and lenticular sheet.

Lenticular Sheets :10LPI

Lenticular board :10LPI,12LPI,15LPI,16LPI,20LPI,20LPI,22LPI,24LPI,25LPI,30LPI,32LPI,40LPI,42LPI,50LPI,60LPI
Lenticular sheets:40LPI,50LPI,60LPI,70LPI,75LPI,80LPI,90LPI,100LPI,150LPI.160LPI,161LPI,200LPI

Lenticular lens sheet pricelist: http://www.ppoo.com/lenticular-price.pdf

10~60LPI lenticular printed by uv flatbed printer/inkjet printer.For large size products,like large size 3d posters.big size changing image posters,remote viewing. 70~200LPI printed by offset printer.close viewing,For small size products, like cards, pictures. whole size usually below 500×700mm

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PET thin lenticular sheets factory production line


1,High quality,Green&Safe,This price is for MOQ.We also encourage customer to purchase small quantity and samples. 2,Materials belows are very commonly used,We also produce lenticular sheet 10LPI/3.25mm,15LPI/3mm,18LPI/3mm,50LPI/2mm,60LPI/1.4mm,60LPI/0.63mm,80LPI/0.45mm,85LPI/0.5mm, 90LPI/0.5mm,150LPI/0.26mm,160LPI/0.33mm, 200LPI/0.18MM.and fly eye lens 80dot/25dot 3.We can cut sheet based on requirements and customized.customized size is acceptable for big qty.Above quotation doesn't include tax/freight/packing charges,Delievery time:1-5 days 4.Usually,Thickness of lenticular﹤1mm, called lens;Thickness of lenticular≥1mm, called board.FLIP including Flip,Zoom,Animation,Morphing effect etc. Size W*H,H means line length. lenticular sheet lens have 2 direction,for example,75LPI, have 0.51W*0.71H & 0.71W*0.51H size. 10~60LPI For inkjet printer and uv flated printer, 70LPI~200LPI For offset printer.

About Lenticular sheet, Please check belows:

10lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 12lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 15lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
16lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 18lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 20lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
22lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 24lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 25lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
30lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 32lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 40lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
42lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 50lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 52lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
60lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 62lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 64lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
40lpi-0.8-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 50lpi-0.6-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 59lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
60lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 70lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 75lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
80lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 85lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 86lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
90lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 100lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 150lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet
160pi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 161lpi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet 200pi-3d-lenticular-lens-sheet

The photoelectric materials busines covers an area of 500 acres, with 20 thousand square meters of factory buildings and 20sets of advanced foreign equipment, and is the leading enterprise in the domestic film industry and the world's only optoelectronic materials enterprise with a whole industry chain and high concentration. There are six major business divisions of large touch screen, flexible lenticular materials, decoration 3d materials, extrusion materials, coating materials and display materials, sputtering, Lenticular mould, fly-eye lens mould ,owning a complete core technology from optical design, ultra-precision mould processing, optical film manufacturing to the development of special materials.Each business department of the industry group is the upstream and downstream, as well as supplies terminal products to the market. Vertical integration and scale advantages make the company products have strong competitiveness, widely used in the fields of display, 3D lenticular printing,decoration, and 3D smart display, having supplied in bulk to more than 200 one-tier and two-tier customers at home and abroad, to become the world's leading supplier of high-end optoelectronic materials.

Lenticular Mould customization business scope:

a. lenticular roller, roller engraving;
b. roller coating: copper plating, chrome plating, nickel alloy provides a variety of options etc.;
c. lenticular structure design: from 25LPI to 50LPI/75LPI/90LPI/150LPI/160LPI,200LPI,FLY-EYE LENS have rich experience in processing; (highest lpi reach to 3000LPI)
d. lenticular roller engraving: the most advanced equipment, can guarantee the processing precision;
e. lenticular film products: lenticular can also provide products to meet customer needs.