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offset printer lenticular

  • 18lpi lenticular board
  • 25lpi PS lenticular board
  • 32lpi ps lenticular board
  • 42lpi ps lenticular board
  • 100lpi 0.6mm PET lenticular sheet
  • 100LPI 0.35MM  PET lenticular sheet
  • 75LPI 0.45MM  PET lenticular sheet
  • 75 lpi 0.6mm PET lenticular sheet
  • 200lpi 0.15-0.18mm 3d lenticular lens
  • 60 lpi lenticular lenses sheets
  • 161 lpi lenticular lens film
  • 70LPI 3d lenticular lens sheet
  • 40 lpi 3D lenticular sheets
  • 50lpi lenticular lens sheet material
  • 53lpi lenticular lenses sheet
  • 20 lpi lenticular sheet
  • 25 lpi lenticular lens
  • 10 lpi PS  lenticular sheets
  • 12lpi PS lenticular lenses
  • 15lpi PS lenticular board
  • 16lpi PS lenticular lens
  • 22lpi PS lenticular lens sheet
  • 90 lpi 3d lenticular sheets
  • 10 lpi - 200 lpi lenticular lens sheet
  • large size 3d lenticular sheet
  • lenticular sheets
  • lenticular lens
  • lenticular sheet
  • lenticular lens
  • lenticular lens sheet
  • 40lpi 3d lenticular board

Product Abstract:

,offset printer lenticular,lenticular

Product Description


offset printer lenticular


10LPI-50LPI,lenticular,lenticulars,lenticular sheets,lenticular board,lenticular plate,for lenticular printing,,lenticular lens,large lenticular,lenticular plastic


Size w1200mm*//h2400mm

UV flatbed Printer for large size lenticular printing



50LPI-500LPI,lenticular factory,lenticular manufacturer,pet lenticular


For offset printing lenticular printing






 1,High quality,Green&Safe.We also encourage customer to purchase small quantity
and samples. 10~60LPI For inkjet printer and uv flated printer,
70LPI~200LPI For offset printer.
Above quotation doesn't include tax/freight/packing charges,Delievery time:1-5 days
Size W*H,H means line length. lenticular sheet lens have 2 direction,for example,75LPI,
have 0.51W*0.71H & 0.71W*0.51H size.
4.Usually,Thickness of lenticular﹤1mm, called lens;Thickness of lenticular≥1mm,
called board.FLIP including Flip,Zoom,Animation,Morphing effect etc.
2,Materials belows are very commonly used,We also produce lenticular sheet 10LPI/3.25mm,15LPI/3mm,18LPI/3mm,50LPI/2mm,
60LPI/1.4mm,60LPI/0.63mm,80LPI/0.45mm,85LPI/0.5mm, 90LPI/0.5mm,
150LPI/0.26mm,160LPI/0.33mm, 200LPI/0.18MM.and fly eye lens 80dot/25dot
25LPI lenticular manufacturer,,50LPI ps lenticular,,25LPI lenticular technology,,20LPI for lenticular printing,,30LPI lenticular 3d。.



3.We can cut sheet based on requirements and customized.customized size is acceptable
for big qty.

Lenticular Technology Limited

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